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This is a soluble oil essentially formulated from materials of a vegetable origin, or at the very least that are highly biodegradable. It advantageously replaces neat oils, enabling more convenient maintenance of machines and the environment.
The formula is robust and has a high spontaneity during dilation in water. It results in the production of a fine and stable micro-emulsion with a high covering capacity and penetrates of microfissures.
BAX® BIOSTEEL deposits a micrometric film that does not interfere with the subsequent application of paint or a coating (epoxy resin, etc). It is largely insensitive to the hardness of the process water.

Area of application

BAX® BIOSTEEL is intended to facilitate the forming of steels in bending and profiling operations.
Its use presents a certain benefit when any percolation of the soluble oil components could lead to soil pollution. Its high biodegradability overcomes this problem.

In time BAX® BIOSTEEL should substitute for the BAX® MAC soluble oil designed for the same application. Like this last-mentioned, it provides long term protection of constructional steels stored under shelter:
Against corrosion (rust) in a saturated atmosphere = 1 year minimum (target)
Against corrosion in a light marine atmosphere = 6 months minimum (target)
Against “white rust” in galvanised steels.

State of research and development

BAX© BIOSTEEL  has been developed according to the “fitness for use” model.
- Definition of the needs and expectations of the user
- Conversion of the needs and expectations into critical properties of the product
- Conversion of the critical properties into critical variables of the product = formula
- Verification in the laboratory.
And continued by:
- Validation in production (Lubrix) and on the production line of the user
- Evaluation of the process performance and scale-up to an industrial line
- Evaluation of the anticorrosion performance on constructional steels and others.