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Presentation of the company

LUBRIX® is a regional company located at rue de l’Est, 17 in Verviers. Its beginnings in the 1960’s and its development form part of the long metallurgical tradition of the Meuse basin. Thanks to this regional proximity and as a designer of its products, LUBRIX® can provide assistance with their implementation and monitor the applications over time.

The ambition of LUBRIX® is to cover the majority of applications in the field of machining with a range of products based on robust, modern formulas adapted to environmental principles.

While LUBRIX® makes the majority of its turnover from the area of cold rolling, the machining customers can also obtain high-performance neat or soluble cutting oils that cover the majority of needs, and it also provides a personalised service and support.

The range on offer is supplemented by lubrication and maintenance products for machine tools, and for degreasing and protecting metals.

Born from the split of Ets. BEAUJEAN in the 1980’s,the LUBRI-ASEPT® company shares the same facilities and is specialised in hygiene and cleaning equipment and products for organisations and local industries. The synergy between LUBRIX® and LUBRI-ASEPT® can be attractive to customers who want to simplify their supplies while benefiting from products that are well suited to their needs.

In order to navigate through the selection of products, we have produced application “leaflets”. In addition, every product has a technical sheet, a safety sheet, and a medical sheet intended for the company doctor.

For metalworking, the graph below gives an idea of the number of products per application that are currently available and actually proven.

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